Margo McBride: 30 Years of RE/MAX

July 17, 2019

How many people do you know who have worked with the same company for 30 years? It’s probably just a small list of people, right? Well, you can add another to your list: Meet Margo McBride, from the Roseville office! Margo has been a Realtor® for 42 years, 30 of which have been as a RE/MAX agent.

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It all started when a stranger suggested that Margo might do well in real estate. Right away, she knew it was going to be a good fit, for two reasons: “I always wanted to know who lived in every house and I knew I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives.” Margo became licensed in 1977 and never looked back.

Over the course of her 42 years in real estate, Margo has only been with 2 real estate companies. She was with her previous brokerage for 12 years before joining RE/MAX, where she has stayed for the past 30 years.

The RE/MAX brand is known for agents who are seasoned in their career, which rings true to Margo, who cites this as a big reason she’s called RE/MAX home for 30 years.

“What I love about RE/MAX is that they only hire top agents and overall experienced agents. The training is organized for experienced agents, rather than newly licensed agents, like many other companies.”—Margo McBride

Looking back over the years, Margo can say for certain that real estate was the right path for her. While being on call 24/7 occasionally brought challenges, it also gave her the freedom and flexibility she needed while raising a family. She’s also had the privilege to meet people in all walks of life who have amazing stories to share. “I am so lucky to know so many people. You hear people’s life stories and in many cases you’re reminded to count your blessings and stay grateful.”

In addition to the flexibility of her schedule and the families she’s met, Margo says there is another factor that has made her career so special: working with other Realtors®. “It is so pleasant to work in real estate offices, because you’re around people who love people.” We couldn’t agree more—RE/MAX Gold has some of the most outstanding agents in real estate!

Now, with 42 years under her belt, Margo is content with slowing down and enjoying life. What does that look like, you ask? Margo’s favorite hobbies are swimming and ballroom dancing. She says every woman should enjoy Prince Charming by taking dance lessons.”

Margo has created a wonderful career and we’re grateful that she has allowed RE/MAX to be a part of her story! Congratulations to Margo McBride on 30 years with RE/MAX!

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