Roseville Office Hosts Auction Benefitting CMN

August 29, 2018

RE/MAX Gold agents are not only the most productive, educated and experienced agents in California, they're also the most generous! 


Last week, our Roseville office held their 2nd Annual in-house auction with the hopes of raising money for Children's Miracle Network. But this wasn't your run-of-the-mill auction; it was a "Funny Money" Auction!

Beginning on April 30th and running through July 31st, Roseville agents participated in the "Funny Money Balloon Race". Agents accumulated "funny money" by tracking their activity in and around the office. Things like listing appointments, closings, office meetings and workshops attended, etc. gave agents the opportunity to earn anywhere from $5 to $25 in "funny money," which could be saved up and redeemed at the auction. The auction took place on Thursday, August 24th. 

While the money may have been "funny," the items up for grab were the real deal! Some of the items were gift baskets, RE/MAX gear, wine, BeatsX earphones, a TMS certificate, $100 Paul Martin's gift card, Pete's Brewhouse and Restaurant gift card, and sign packages donated by Larry at Paradise Signs.  "We had amazing vendors to help us out with auction items and they were also able to bid on stuff too!" says Juliana Acosta, Roseville Office Administrator. "I'd say the BeatsX and the TMS certificate were the hot items that agents really wanted. One of the agents really wanted the BeatsX for her son's birthday...saved her a trip to the store, that's for sure!"

When agents ran out of their "funny money," or for those who did not participate in the ongoing contest, they had the option to purchase more "funny money" using their own money at a rate of $1 = 2 "funny money" dollars.

The auction was definitely a success! The event had about 30 agents and vendors who participated in the "Funny Money" auction affair! The Roseville office set their sights on raising over $1,000 and they did just that! By the end of the evening, the office had raised over $1,500 for Children's Miracle Network! 

"Overall, it was an amazing event! We all had a chance to come together and enjoy each others company as we raised money for a great cause!"—Juliana Acosta, Roseville Office Administrator
lauren kurtz