'Charley' Schmitt Celebrates 45 Years of Real Estate

November 14, 2018


Did you know that as of 2018 there are over 200,000 real estate agents in California? There are plenty of good agents, and a handful of great agents—however, there is only one ‘Charley’ Schmitt.

This month, ‘Charley’ celebrates 45 years in real estate; but it’s more than just a career anniversary to ‘Charley’: it’s 45 years of building relationships, investing in clients, and in many cases, becoming a member of the family.

“I always tell people, ‘I don’t know where the time went; it should be a crime to get paid for loving your work so much!’”— ‘Charley’ Schmitt

When ‘Charley’ graduated from Arizona State University in 1973, she had no idea what her future would hold. Bright-eyed with a world of possibilities, ‘Charley’ decided to spend a few hours each day helping her father with his real estate business until she found her path. Who would have known that these few hours a day would blossom into a passion and be the start of an incredible career?

In 1986, ‘Charley’ ventured out to California and became a licensed Realtor® here, without missing a beat. With her nurturing spirit and dedication to her clients, it’s easy to see how much of ‘Charley’’s business has come from referrals alone. Even today, her former clients call for advice and refer their friends and family. In fact, ‘Charley’ has even worked with the children of past clients, who have grown up and are ready to purchase their own home—but they still refer to her as “Auntie 'Charley'“!

During her 45 year career, she’s worked through the best of times and the worst of times. Looking back over the years, some of her most memorable moments came out of the infamous financial crisis from 2007 to 2009. But it wasn’t the foreclosures or paperwork that made it a difficult time—it was seeing how it impacted the people she represented. “Attending listing appointments in sellers’ homes, where one had lost a job, one was ill and I had their beautiful, little children sitting on my lap; I felt their desperation and the weight of the whole world wishing I could make their payments for them.” Since 1973, ‘Charley’ has gone above and beyond to provide top-tier service, regardless of the market.

Six years ago, after meeting with Bev Kendall, RE/MAX Gold Executive Vice President/Broker of Record and ‘Charley’’s long-time friend, she knew that RE/MAX Gold would be the perfect place to call “home.” ‘Charley’ works out of our Sierra Oaks office in Sacramento and specializes in the income-producing, multi-family market and 1031 tax-deferred exchanges—although single family homes are still her “bread and butter”.

With 45 years of experience comes a treasure trove of wisdom, some of which ‘Charley’ was kind enough to share. To others in her field, ‘Charley’ says this: “Specialize and know your market. Educate yourself constantly. Communicate and most of all care about your clients and their needs and wishes; egos often get in the way of smooth transactions at the expense of our clients. Whenever I first meet with clients, I only ask questions, then just listen while forming a ‘Plan’ to achieve their goals. Stay in touch with your previous clients (NOT only via social media—actually communicate with them) so you can find out what's REALLY going on in their lives.”

When ‘Charley’ isn’t working, she finds comfort in the arts through crocheting or playing the piano (she actually minored in piano in college). She loves to spend time with her family; playing with her 2 grandsons and spending quality time with her husband, who she lovingly refers to as her soulmate.

Contact ‘Charley’ Schmitt directly at (916) 708-7653 or by email at CMe2BuyRE@aol.com

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