Bernadette Augustine: Leading with Purpose and Living with Gratitude

Bernadette Augustine is highly regarded within the RE/MAX Gold organization as an outstanding agent and Team Leader. With seven team members, the Augustine & Associates Team consistently ranks as a real estate powerhouse, in both local markets and within California as a whole. But for Bernadette, being a Team Leader is not about calling the shots or maintaining an ego—it’s an opportunity to serve and invest in the lives of others.

While everyone’s story is unique, Bernadette’s is one that’s sure to capture your attention. Born and raised in Ireland, Bernadette went to school to become a P.E. Teacher, but soon realized that wasn’t the path for her. So, she did what anyone would do: she went hitchhiking through North and South America. After ending up in Rio De Janeiro, Bernadette became a tour guide and was soon given the opportunity to open a corporate travel company in Silicon Valley. Her experience working with the travel company allowed her to fall in love with customer service and helping people on a daily basis. Upon moving to Sacramento, Bernadette was on the hunt for a career that would allow her to stay home with her son; because of her knack for customer service, she knew real estate was a career she could excel in—which she has for the past 18 years.

In 2013, RE/MAX Gold had the privilege of welcoming Bernadette to the Sierra Oaks office. “I had spoken to JaCi Wallace (from Sierra Oaks) and she told me that RE/MAX Gold was a place where I’d be supported,” she says. “I liked the entrepreneurial spirit of RE/MAX and that they were always at the forefront of the industry. I knew this is where I wanted to be.” It wasn’t long after joining RE/MAX Gold that Bernadette’s team began to come together in a very organic way. The Augustine & Associates Team consists of Keri Sternberg, Dana Gray, Carol Calnero, Melissa Shrout, Mandy Scott, Stacy Friedman and Sharon Sanborn.

Ultimately, the Augustine & Associates Team was formed out of Bernadette’s desire to inspire others to become successful in whatever way they hoped.

“As a team leader, I love being able to support others. I came here as an immigrant and being able to give back and support others in their success is a joy for me. Gratitude is a wonderful thing to wake up to everyday.”—bernadette augustine


Bernadette strives to make collaboration the heart of the Augustine & Associates team, where everyone is involved. While her team structure may strike some as unique, the team is consistently ranked highly in publications like REAL Trends “America’s Best”, where they are listed as a Top 500 Team in California for both volume and transaction sides during 2018.

According to Bernadette, “You can’t be selfish if you want to be a good team leader. You have to inspire others to be successful.” When it comes down to it, her team members are really her first customers. “If you don’t give your clients time, you don’t give them anything,” she says. “Having a team of agents makes me enjoy my work. It’s a joy to see them successful.” Additionally, Bernadette believes a quality team leader has the ability to recognize when someone wants to be successful and knows how to bring them into an environment where they can be motivated by other like-minded agents. In leading the Augustine & Associates Team, Bernadette places immense value on supporting the goals of each individual team member, in addition to the success of the team as a whole.

Bernadette lives a very intentional life, whether she’s working with her team or taking time to herself. One thing she always makes sure to do each day is get a workout in—she loves to cycle. She also loves to travel and makes a point to go home to Ireland every year. In addition, she loves to host dinner parties with friends and even dabbles in photography from time to time.

Bernadette Augustine models the idea of purpose-driven leadership and living a life of gratitude. We are privileged to have amazing agents like Bernadette at RE/MAX Gold and appreciate her hard-work and commitment!

Contact Bernadette Augustine at (916) 541-1607.

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