Brian Kassis: Celebrating 30 Years of A Job Well Done

July 25, 2018

Brian Kassis has created a life that gives him much of which to be proud. He and his wife, Kari, have been married for over 33 years, and together have 2 children, Mckenzie and Mason. Hailing from our Sierra Oaks office, he's also been a Top 10 agent with RE/MAX Gold for 10 years running. But this year, Brian has much to celebrate: 30 years of a job well done.


With 30 years of memories and 30 years of wisdom, Brian's story is one worth sharing.

Let's set the scene: The year is 1984. Brian, a recent graduate of Santa Clara University, was beginning a career in Accounting. He and his wife, Kari, began looking for their first home, and Brian was determined to get a great deal. They found the perfect house at a terrific price, and since the home had foreclosed, Brian got his great deal. But not long after, Brian was laid off from his accounting job. Coincidentally, he ended up taking a position with the same company that sold him his home. 

As time went on, Brian was becoming more and more familiar with the real estate industry. Having always had an interest in homes, he saw his colleagues creating successful careers and thought to himself, "I can do what they do." And he was right. 

The year is now 1988. Brian had just earned his real estate license and began working part-time as an agent. During his first week in business, he sold two homes. Was it just a fluke, or had he found his niche? Well, here's what happened next: In his first 6 months, he completed 17 transactions and by the end of his first year, now working full-time in real estate, he had 34 transactions under his belt. "I guess I was good at it," he says—although "good" might be an understatement.

Not long after, Brian began working at RE/MAX Point West, which ended up closing its doors in 1990. Taking matters into their own hands, he and 2 colleagues opened RE/MAX Central in 1992 in Downtown Sacramento. After 14 years in business, a growing company by the name of "RE/MAX Gold" came along and made them an offer they couldn't refuse; thus, in 2006, RE/MAX Central became a part of RE/MAX Gold and Brian has called Gold Nation family ever since.

Brian has seen a lot in his 30 year career; he's waded through the trials and stayed humble through the successes along the way. He recalls the uncertainty in 1990, when the Gulf War began and his business came to a halt. He looks back on the hectic success of  the year 2012, when he and his team completed 225 REO transactions in a single year. Through the ups and the downs, Brian has stuck to his guns and continued with what works for him, which is what he attributes his success to. 

By now, you might be thinking, "What's the secret to creating a successful and sustainable 30 year career?"

"The key to success is to answer the phone. You have to be present and make contact. It's about putting other's needs above your own. It might take longer, but it's what's most important."—Brian Kassis

Brian and Kari Kassis

Brian and Kari Kassis

At the end of the day, Brian's favorite part of being a REALTOR is the opportunity to work with people. "It's so rewarding to help and be a part of all of it," says Brian. In some cases, he's even been able to assist 3 generations from one family. "You start being treated like a member of the family."

Today, Brian's team consists of: Nancy, his Assistant and Team Member; his wife, Kari, who assists with staging and preparing homes with interior design; and Roxanne, his Transaction Coordinator. 

Once more, congratulations to Brian on 30 years of making dreams a reality and bringing families together! We are grateful for his dedication to his clients and RE/MAX Gold.

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