Gail DeMarco Returns to RE/MAX Gold

April 3, 2019

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This week, we have the immense honor of welcoming back Gail DeMarco to RE/MAX Gold in El Dorado Hills!

Previously the #1 agent at Nick Sadek Sotheby’s, Gail is a Top Producer in El Dorado County and a Masters Club member in Placer County. In 2018, she closed 77 transactions, totaling $63 million of real estate in the area. Gail has a knack for taking unique, hard to sell homes and connecting them to a buyer who is the perfect fit. She specializes in helping buyers relocate, as well as assisting investors in finding a great house for their portfolio. While Gail works with a myriad of clients, she has a heart for helping seniors and veterans find a place to call home.

Despite her booming success, Gail has only been working in the industry for the last 5 years. Prior to real estate, Gail had a 25 year career as a wedding photographer. After an accident that left her unable to continue in photography, she was forced to come up with an answer to the impending question: “Now what?” When a friend suggested she had a “good personality” for real estate, she decided to give it a shot and joined RE/MAX Gold in the El Dorado Hills office in 2014. After working with brides for 25 years, Gail’s “thick skin” proved helpful in paving her way to become a top producer in such a competitive market.

Gail’s cunning and relentless negotiation skills, which have earned her the nickname “Gail ‘the shark’ DeMarco” by those closest to her, have set her apart within the industry, along with her attentiveness to every last detail. She paints the picture of a rafting trip to depict this elite level of service: “It's like a whitewater river rafting trip. Everyone gets in my raft with my amazing crew, and they understand that there's going to be some rapids, twists and turns. We all want a great experience. It's exhilarating at times and every once in a while someone will get bumped off the raft and I’ll reach in, get them back and get to the final destination.”

In 2018, Gail connected with Val Turner when both of them were vying for the same listing. Instead of competing, the two decided to team up. After selling the listing for $70,000 over what the seller intended on listing at, Gail and Val decided to continue their partnership and build a team—which led them to RE/MAX Gold.

“I joined RE/MAX Gold because it’s a great environment to build a team—the support is unparalleled.”—Gail DeMarco

L to R: Gail DeMarco, Val Turner, Joanne Meneses, Ryan Grob, Laura Daniels, Julie Pedro & Rachel Markle

L to R: Gail DeMarco, Val Turner, Joanne Meneses, Ryan Grob, Laura Daniels, Julie Pedro & Rachel Markle


The Turner DeMarco Team consists of both Gail and Val, as well as their team members, Joanne Meneses from Sotheby’s and Ryan Grob from Keller Williams, in addition to Laura Daniels (Listing Coordinator), Julie Pedro (Compliance Coordinator) and Rachel Markle (Inside ISA and Gail’s Driver). Since joining RE/MAX Gold, Gail says she hasn’t missed a beat due to a smooth transition. “It was very ‘plug & play’”, much of which, she says, can be credited to the outstanding support from Steve Davies, Office Manager in El Dorado Hills.

“Four Qualities that I recognize as Keys To Success: Attitude, Energy, Enthusiasm, Effort! Gail has each of these in spades! Success doesn’t happen by accident. Watch how hard Gail works, and easy to see why she’s successful. So proud to have her back at RE/MAX Gold.”—Steve Davies

Selling $63 million dollars in a single year kept Gail busy in 2018, and as she builds her team with RE/MAX Gold she plans to put her blinders on, stay in her lane and continue providing top-tier service to those she works with. “I don’t want to be like everybody else,” says Gail. “I want to rise above the crowd so I can give my clients the best experience possible.” When she’s not working, Gail teaches stand up paddle boarding and enjoys spending time with her family and grandkids.

Once again, we are thrilled to welcome the Turner DeMarco Team to RE/MAX Gold!

Contact Gail DeMarco directly at (916) 220-5700 or by email at

Visit the Turner DeMarco website here.

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