The booj Launch has Arrived! Here's What You Should Know...

September 3, 2019

The long awaited booj launch is here! As with any launch, there are always a few surprises in the mix when it comes to getting up and running.

Here's a few things to note as you get started with booj...

  1. The booj Beta Tile. When you log into MAX/Center, you should see a white tile with red print that says "booj beta". Although it says "beta" this is the live booj platform! Next month, you should have a new tile that will not say "beta".

  2. "Where is the Startup Wizard?" If you've been keeping up with past booj updates, you probably were expecting to see a Startup Wizard to walk you through the new booj platform. Since this morning's launch, we have learned that the Startup Wizard has been delayed until the new booj tile is released, which is set to be early October.

  3. Everything you put into the booj beta tile will transfer over. Although it says "beta", booj is live and everything you enter in will carry over when a new tile is added.

  4. Start using booj today! The booj platform is live and ready to be utilized! Take a look at the functions within the CRM, including the Deal Pipeline, Task Manager, Calendar and Email capabilities!

  5. If you run into any issues, reach out to Support Services. Because booj is a totally original platform that was designed specifically for RE/MAX agents, it's possible that you might run into a few kinks in the system. Don't panic! Reach out to Support Services (the new name for eCare) to get back on track. Call or text to (888) 398-7171. Submit a ticket here or by selecting the Support Services tile from MAX/Center and clicking "New Ticket".

Questions? Reach out to RE/MAX Support Services or ask your manager!

We're here to help.

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