Using Instagram For Your Real Estate Business

September 12, 2018

With so many social media platforms it can be overwhelming to discern which ones to focus on when it comes to marketing your real estate business. While all platforms are unique in their own way, Instagram could prove very helpful to you! As of 2017, Instagram had 800 million active users each month—making it a great hub for you to share photos & maybe even gain a few leads! Here’s a few thoughts on Instagram:


Why Instagram?

Instagram is all photos. No articles, no lengthy rants, it’s strictly visual! You can upload 1 photo or you can upload multiple photos into a single post—sounds perfect for showcasing new listings, right? You can even upload your short videos. Each time you post, your photos appear in a timeline for others to see and interact with.

How can it help my business?

Instagram is great for Realtors® because you can place your contact info in your “bio”. Put your name, website, phone number & a short introduction so people know where to reach you. Make your profile a Business Profile, so you can track which posts are popular & boost posts to be a sponsored post.

What should you post?

While Instagram is great for showing your listings, don’t limit yourself to just homes! Post photos from local restaurants around town. Maybe post a photo of activities near you. Or even post a photo of your family now and then! People might be interested in your business, but they’re there to support you; posts with you in them often receive higher engagement from your followers!

The biggest thing is to show people you are personable. With that being said, are there things you shouldn’t post on your page? While it’s up to you, your real estate page might not be the best place to post your daily post-workout pictures, photos of the sandwich you brought for lunch or anything that might be considered controversial. Keep it fun & upbeat!

How often should you post?

It’s up to you! Maybe you want to post every day? Great! Maybe you just want to post twice a week? Awesome! Post enough that you stay on people’s mind, but not so much that they get annoyed! As a rule of thumb, try not to post more than twice a day.

can I Re-Post Other’s Content?

If you see someone else’s photo that you would like to share, you must always, always, always give that person credit! You can say “photo credit” and tag them, or you can mention them in the caption, but you must always let your followers know that the photo is not your own.

Do I really need to share my location?

By tagging your location, you create yet another way for people to find you and your listings. Users can tap on the location and see every recent post in that area. So if you are posting pictures of your new listing in Midtown or you’re out at your favorite brunch spot, make sure you tag the location so your name is in front of people’s eyes!

What’s with Hashtags?

Hashtags can be an awesome tool to help people find you & your listings! When using a hashtag, think of phrases people might search. Begin with the “#” and follow it with a word or phrase (no spaces if you are using a phrase). For example, if you are selling a home in Sacramento, you could use #sacramentorealestate. Maybe you create your own hashtag that you use on every post. Add 1, add 5, add 15—the possibilities are endless.

Are “stories” important?

A story is a photo or video that appears for only 24 hours after you post it. Stories are featured at the top of the page in circles that a user can click on. How would you use a story? Maybe take a video talking about your upcoming open house or post a photo of unique local businesses in town. Be sure to tag your location here as well, as Instagram creates public stories at different locations. This means someone could click on the Sacramento story and hear you talking about your open house!

Stories are valuable because they give you the opportunity to post a little more candidly, because they’ll disappear by the next day. So whether you’re running errands in your car, showing a home, or up late submitting an offer, taking a quick video or “boomerang” (a video that bounces back and forth”) gives your followers a look into your world and let’s them feel like they know you on a more personal value.

You can also save these stories so they appear in “Highlights” on your profile. Create different highlights for different topics of stories that you want to remain on your profile long after they disappear from your story.

Overall, Instagram is a great tool to highlight you as a Realtor® & share a piece of your world with your followers! Remember: Keep it upbeat & fun, no need to be too serious!

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