RE/MAX Gold Front Porch 2.0

April 5, 2018

In a changing world, RE/MAX Gold understands the value of having a strong social media presence as a real estate professional. The opportunity to stay connected with potential and past clients alike is invaluable, and posting regularly ensures that your name is not forgotten. With all of this in mind, RE/MAX Gold created “FRONT PORCH” in 2015. Now, with user feedback, we have made great improvements to this service and are thrilled to offer this new product as FRONT PORCH 2.0.

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What does FRONT PORCH 2.0 include? This service will include automated social media posts up to 30 times a month—you choose how many days a week and which days you receive posts! You can receive these posts on your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles. Posts will be a combination of articles, infographics, videos and surveys—all geared towards real estate. Front Porch 2.0 will also include a monthly email newsletter that can automatically be sent to your client base. *please note we are not able to send eNewsletters to email addresses that have been purchased or otherwise obtained without informed consent

Where does the content come from? All of the content posted to your social media, as well as what appears in your newsletter, is original content that you won’t find anywhere else. The content is created by RISMedia’s award winning editorial staff.

What makes these social media posts special? We’re glad you asked! Not only is the content original, but it is personalized to market YOU. When a person clicks on an article you posted, they are directed to a landing page that displays your photo, name and contact information alongside the article. This personal touch ensures that it’s  your name that is remembered for delivering this great content.

How much does it cost? FRONT PORCH 2.0 will be offered to RE/MAX Gold agents for $49.95/month.

So what do you say? Want to make a name for yourself on social media? Let us do it for you!

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